How You Can Donate and Help Our Church

If you feel something is missing in your life or you need someone to talk to; come to church and see what church can do for you. I had a woman ask me the other day “have you heard the good news?” I said, “Yes, God loves you”. I’m not sure what she was talking about, but it does not matter, God loves you is what matters. Come to church and hear “His” stories of Love and compassion for us. Pastor Bill preaches from the bible and brings those stories to life and that God is alive and ready to receive you with open arms.

I would like to meet you and to know more about you and what you know about the community of Lakeside. Stop by and see me or Pastor Bill any time after the service Sunday Morning at the Lakeside Community Presbyterian Church corner of 8th & N. Lake Street.

Ways You Can Donate:


At church 100 N. 8th Street
Lakeside, OR 97449


Send Check to P.O. Box 82
Lakeside OR 97449